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Ezra gets a letter from the king - Ezra 7:11 – 7:28 (commentary)

The verses in this chapter are not merely the king’s decree but they are Ezra’s comments on the king’s decree. It shows how the king bestowed upon Ezra quite a number of extraordinary powers and at the same time, specifies certain ordinances which were to extend beyond Ezra’s lif …

The transition from one generation to the next - Numbers 15:1 – 15:16 (commentary)

God-Ordained Authorities are:Government: Rom 13, I Pet 2:17Employer: Eph 6, I Pet 2:18Husband: I Pet 3:1, Col 3:18, Eph 5:22Parent: Eph 6The events described in this chapter probably occurred shortly after Israel’s tragic failure at Kadesh-Barnea, and they reveal clearly that the …

Paul Explaines His Authority - Galatians 1:1 – 1:5 (commentary)

Paul was accused by some Jewish Christians of diluting Christianity to make it more appealing to the Gentiles. In this passage he explains his authority. Paul states that it is from the following sources:His ministry (vv. 1-2) False teachers around Galatia were saying that Paul w …

Religious Leaders Challenge Jesus Authority - Luke 20:1 – 20:8 (commentary)

The Jewish religious leaders wanted to know what authority Jesus had to cast money-changers out of the temple (vv. 1-2). This group of leaders wanted to get rid of Jesus so they tried to trap Him with their question. They wanted to catch Him in His words so that no matter …

God’s Power Shown in Creatures - Job 41:1 – 41:34 (commentary)

The word “leviathan” is the Hebrew word used to describe the “sea monsters” that were supposed to inhabit the Mediterranean. In mythology, the leviathan was a many headed monster that ruled the waters and feared no man. Job asks the Lord if He can captur …

Keep The Kings Command - Ecclesiastes 8:1 – 8:17 (commentary)

The person who has been changed by wisdom can at least grasp the problems of society and how to deal with them. The first question in this chapter is how should we relate to authority?Obedience (vv. 2-8) - There is no way a Christian can argue a biblical case for civil disobedien …

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