A Prayer For Help

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The first part of this Psalm is a description of the wicked persons forceful, vicious power (vv. 1-12).

Does God hide (vv. 1-4)? At the very beginning the psalmist was not complaining, but simply asking God to hurry to his aid. Because it looks like the wicked may triumph he asks the Lord two big questions.

a. “Why standeth thou afar off?” (v. 1a)

b. “Why hidest thou thyself in times of trouble?” (v.1b). 

These questions are a bold expression of the true feelings of oppressed people who cry out for help. Even at times today it may seem as though God has hidden Himself and is unconcerned - especially when the enemy comes right into the church.

In these verses David explains the character of the oppressor. (vv. 2-7) He is full of pride (v. 2) and boasts, v. 3). The wicked person is confident, (v. 4), haughty, (v. 5), and has no room for God or God’s laws. Such a person is convinced that he cannot be moved from his wicked ways. He thinks he can continue undisturbed in his prosperity (v. 5) and happiness (v. 6). His words are deceitful and destructive (v.7). The wicked as lurking (lies in wait occurs three times in vv. 8-9) in secret places like a lion who attacks his helpless (vv. 10-11) victims, and drag them off as a fisherman does when his net collapses. The righteous are crushed by the wicked and they fall under the weight of his power. Since God may not immediately rescue them, the wicked person is convinced that God does not care for or see the righteous.


Do I ever feel like God is far off and not concerned about my situation? I need to remember that God is always concerned and waiting for the right time to accomplish His purpose.

Psalms 10:1-11 (English Standard Version)

Why, O LORD, do you stand far away? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble? In arrogance the wicked hotly pursue the poor; let them be caught in the schemes that they have devised. For the wicked boasts of the desires of his soul, and the one greedy for gain curses and renounces the LORD. In the pride of his face the wicked does not seek him; all his thoughts are, "There is no God." His ways prosper at all times; your judgments are on high, out of his sight; as for all his foes, he puffs at them. He says in his heart, "I shall not be moved; throughout all generations I shall not meet adversity." His mouth is filled with cursing and deceit and oppression; under his tongue are mischief and iniquity. He sits in ambush in the villages; in hiding places he murders the innocent. His eyes stealthily watch for the helpless; he lurks in ambush like a lion in his thicket; he lurks that he may seize the poor; he seizes the poor when he draws him into his net. The helpless are crushed, sink down, and fall by his might. He says in his heart, "God has forgotten, he has hidden his face, he will never see it."

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