A Centurion’s Servant is Healed

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In this chapter Jesus is confronted with a dying servant (vv. 1-10), a grieving widow (vv. 11-17), a perplexed prophet (vv. 18-35) and a repentant sinner (vv. 36-50). In today’s passage we are introduced to the dying servant as Jesus demonstrates His sovereign power over death. A centurion’s servant was sick and ready to die (vv.1- 2). A centurion was a Roman soldier who was in charge of at least a hundred men. Most Roman soldiers were not known for their love, humility or faith and especially for their dealing with the Jews. Yet we cannot help but be impressed with this man’s great love for his servant and for his humble spirit as he felt unworthy to even have Jesus come to his house (vv. 3-6).

However, the characteristic that most impressed Jesus was the man’s faith (vv.7- 9). He was a Gentile whose background was pagan and as a soldier he was trained to be self-sufficient. Furthermore, we have no evidence that he had ever heard Jesus preach. If this Roman with very little spiritual instruction had this kind of faith in God’s Word, how much greater our faith ought to be (v-10).


Faith that hasn’t been tested can’t be trusted. I need to be so sure of God’s grace that I can stake my life on it a thousand times.

Luke 7:1-10 (English Standard Version)

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