The Time of The Lord’s Return

Norman Geisler, as a child, went to a DVBS because he was invited by some neighbor children. He went back to the same church for Sunday School classes for 400 Sundays. Each week he was faithfully picked up by a bus driver. Week after week he attended church, but never made a comm … More


When the fig tree buds and the leaves begin to sprout you know that summer is near (v. 32). The same is true with the events that begin to happen here; you can know that the Lord’s return is very near (vv. 33-34). No one knows the day or hour when the heavens and earth will disappear (vv. 35-36). Only God knows this. Jesus used Noah to picture to us that men will not know the day of His return (vv. 37-39). Noah and his family are pictured as God preserving Israel during the time of the tribulation; however we can apply the Word to our own hearts. We do not know when our Lord will return, therefore we must be watchful and faithful. In Noah’s day the people did not listen to Noah’s message but occupied themselves with eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage.

It is dangerous to get so absorbed in this life that we forget Jesus is coming. They lost God’s best by living just for the here and now. It will be as a thief knowing not the hour (vv. 40-44). Despite many attempts over the centuries to pinpoint the time of Jesus return, God’s Word stands; He will come “at an hour you do not expect” (v. 44). We are to remain in a perpetual state of readiness. We are to be prepared for his coming and watching for His return. Just like the master in Jesus’ story entrusted all his possessions to his servant so God has entrusted His servants today to carry out His will. He will reward those who have been faithful and responsible in doing so (vv. 45-47). If a servant fails to carry out His will by trying to impress other servants with partying and getting drunk, then we see he will be judged severely (vv. 48-51). He will be punished and thrown out with the ones who only pretended to serve the master. “Their they will cry and grit their teeth in pain” (v. 51).


Christ could come today! That is an exciting thought! It is a great responsibility to be entrusted to carry out His work in the time He has give to me. Can I be counted as one who is faithful to His business? Whatsoever a man soweth that shall He also reap.

Matthew 24:32-51 (English Standard Version)

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