Being True to God’s Word

Not long after a wealthy contractor had finished building the Tombs prison in New York, he was found guilty of forgery and sentenced to several years in the prison he had built! As he was escorted into a cell of his own making, the contractor said, “I never dreamed when … More


Corruption was one of the chief things which was wrong in Judah at this time in history. (vv. 9-14). Jeremiah’s heart was broken and his body became weak when he thought of God’s holy words (v. 9). God had shown His displeasure on the physical and spiritual adulteries being done in Judah by bringing His curse of drought so that the land was parched and withered (v. 10). Yet, instead of calling Judah back to her covenant with God, the prophets continued to lead the people on an evil course, implying that God was not using the drought to judge people for their sin (v. 11). When the prophets, who are there to correct the king from going wrong, there is no hope for the land. As a result, a fatal cancer developed in the heart of the nation which could not be cured. That is why judgment had to come (v. 12). Jeremiah compared the prophets of Samaria (v. 13) to the prophets of Jerusalem (v. 14). The prophets of Judah followed in the same paths of sin (v. 15).

There are four warning signs of false prophets - characteristics we need to watch for even today:

  1. They may appear to speak God’s message, but they do not live by His principles (v. 16).
  2. They water down God’s message to make it more acceptable (v. 17).
  3. They encourage their listeners, often subtly, to disobey God (v. 17).
  4. They appeal to the desires of their audience instead of being true to God’s Word (v. 18).

God set Himself against those prophets because they were leading the people astray with ... reckless lies, falsely claiming God’s authority (vv. 19-24).


I want to always stay true to your Word and be faithful to proclaim it, even when it is not popular. I want to challenge people to get into the Word of God personally and have a “Family Time.”

Jeremiah 23:9-24 (English Standard Version)

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