Confusion of The Body And Blood of Christ

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This was a very shocking message; to eat flesh and drink blood. The idea of drinking blood, let alone human blood, was disgusting to the religious leaders (v. 56). The Jews had been taught that they cannot eat any meat that has not had all the blood drained from it (Lev. 17:10). Some interpreters say that Jesus was speaking about the Lord’s supper. However, I do not believe that He had communion in mind. Why would he discuss the Lord’s supper with a group of disagreeable unbelievers?

They are thinking in the physical realm and Jesus is speaking to them in the spiritual (vv. 56-58). One who partakes of Christ enjoys a mutual abiding relationship with Christ. He remains in Christ, and Christ remains in him. The Father “remains” in the Son (14:10), the Spirit “remains” on Jesus (1:32), and believers “remain” in Jesus and He in them (v. 56). The implications of this “remaining” are many. A believer enjoys intimacy with and security in Jesus. Just as He has His life from the Father, so believers have life because of Jesus.

Jesus gave this discourse on the Bread of Life in the synagogue in Capernaum (v. 59). He often spoke in Jewish synagogues, where men had opportunities to give expositions and exhortations (Mark 6:1-6; Luke 4:16-28; Acts 13:15-42). The services were not as formal as those of traditional American churches; “laymen” usually spoke. The conclusion to Jesus’ exposition and exhortation, based on the manna incident from Exodus 16, repeats the major themes: Moses’ bread did not give lasting life (salvation does not come by the Law); God has given the genuine life-giving Bread from heaven; those who trust Jesus have eternal life.


I need to take the Lord at His Word and not be confused by what I think or others say.

John 6:56-59 (English Standard Version)

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