David Escapes From Jerusalem

A verse in Proverbs says that God has asked for our first fruits: the first and best of all that we receive. This means we should tithe from our total gross income before taxes. (Larry Burkett)


A messenger told David that everyone in Israel is following Absalom (v. 13). David was in Jerusalem when he heard this and he told all of his officials that they need to leave quickly or none of them will be able to escape from Absalom (vv. 14-15). David left ten of his wives behind to take care of the palace but the rest of his family, officials, and soldiers went with him and stopped at the last house at the edge of the city (vv. 16-17). David watched all 600 of his troops and their commander Ittai, march past (v. 18). David stops Ittai and asks him not to leave with them, but to go back and join the new king (vv. 19-20)!” Ittai says he will stay with him no matter if it costs him his life (v. 21).

David crosses over the Brook Kidron with Attai with all his men (v. 22). While the country was weeping all the people crossed over and went on their way toward the wilderness (v. 23). Zadok and all the Levites came carrying the Ark of the Covenant and set it down while Abiathar (the priest) came up (and officiated) until all the people finished passing the city (v. 24). Then the king told Zadok to take the Ark back to its rightful place in Jerusalem (v. 25). David says, “If I find favor in the eyes of the Lord, He will bring me back and show me both it and His dwelling place, but if He says I have no delight in you let Him do to me as it seems good to Him” (v. 26). David asks Zadok if he plans to return to Jerusalem (as priest) with his two sons (v. 27). He says he will wait at the river crossing until he hears from them (v. 28). Zadok and Abiathar take the sacred chest back into Jerusalem and stay there (v. 29). David went up on the Mount of Olives barefoot and crying to show his sorrow (v. 30). Someone tells David that Ahithophel is helping Absalom plot against him (v. 31). 

He meets Hushai, the Archite, on the top of Mount of Olives at a place of worship (v. 32). David tells him to go back and tell Absalom that you will serve him, just as you served your father in the past” (vv. 33-34). If you do that you can help me ruin Ahithophel’s plans. You can tell Zadok and Abiathar everything you hear and they can send their sons to tell me what you have heard” (vv. 35-36). Hushai sneaks back into Jerusalem just about the same time Absalom is coming in (v. 37).


David took no revenge on any rebel faction. I want to let the Lord fight my battles!

II Samuel 15:13-37 (English Standard Version)

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