From Dust to Dust

The three sons of a lawyer, a doctor, and a minister, respectively, were talking about how much money their fathers made. The lawyer’s son said, “My father goes into court on a case and often comes home with as much as fifteen thousand dollars.” The doctor&rsquo … More


Everything that God makes or that happens is the gift of God (vv. 9-13). In a world controlled by God and not by man there is nothing better for us to do than to enjoy the things that are present and leave the future to God. This concept is the key to real happiness in our homes, in our employment and in everything that we do.

The next section of this chapter (vv. 14-15) considers the control of time. God is in control.  Everything God does will endure forever. It is sort of like the local banker calling you up some morning and saying that someone has deposited $l,000 in your account. The person who gave it is anonymous and the only stipulation is that you have to spend all of it that day. You don’t see that as a problem so you head down to the bank, get the money and head out for a shopping spree.

The next morning you get another call from the same banker with the same message. Again, you don’t see that as a problem. However, this continues to happen day after day and week after week.  By now you are wondering how long this is going to continue. The only stipulation is that if it is not spent by the end of each day the money goes back to the donor.

This will probably never happen to you in terms of money but it does happen to you every day in terms of time. If you sleep seven and one-half hours per night you have approximately l,000 minutes each day to spend and you can only spend them that day.


When I compare the things I have to enjoy in this life time is the most precious possession I have. I must keep in mind that only what is done for God will last.    

Ecclesiastes 3:9-22 (English Standard Version)

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