Evidences Of a Spirit-filled Life

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It is sad to see so many professing Christians who drift aimlessly through life and never really do anything worthwhile for the Lord. Paul presents the following reasons why we need to be making the right use of every opportunity we have for the Lord:

  1. Because it is the only sensible and wise thing to do (v. 15). 
  2. Because you only have one life to live and it is short (v. 16).
  3. Because the days are evil (v. 16).
  4. Because it is the Lord’s will (v. 17).

Paul contrasts getting drunk with wine which provides a temporary “high.” to being Spirit filled, which produces lasting joy (v. 18). Although all Christians have been baptized by the Spirit at salvation, all Christians are not Spirit filled. Just as surely as God has commanded all men everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30), so has he commanded every born-again believer to be Spirit filled. The filling is not a question of having more of the Holy Spirit, but a question of the Holy Spirit having all of us. Three evidences of having a Spirit filled (controlled by) life are as follows:

  1. He is joyful (v. 19)
  2. He is thankful (v. 20)
  3. He is submissive (v. 21)


Of the three evidences listed above, concerning whether I am Spirit filled or not, which one am I the strongest in? Which one am I the weakest in? Is there some area in my life that I still want to hold on to and really not let the Lord completely control?

Ephesians 5:15-21 (English Standard Version)

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