Instructions to Husbands

A lady had an appointment with a marriage counselor, and told him: “I would like to divorce my husband.” To this, the counselor replied, “ Do you have any grounds?” She answered, “Why yes. We have almost an acre.” The puzzled counselor asked her, … More


Husbands are to love (Col. 3:19). One of the reasons many wives find it hard to be submissive to their husband is because he refuses to assume his loving responsibility of leadership. This is especially true in the area of spiritual leadership. How many husbands are there who even lead their family in Bible reading and prayer on a regular basis? The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to work in our lives. To be filled with the Word of God produces in the husband:

  1. A sacrificial love (v. 25). Christ gave Himself for the church; so the husband, in love, needs to give himself for his wife.
  2. A sanctifying love (v. 26-27). To sanctify means “to be set apart” and the marriage ceremony sets apart the husband and wife to belong to each other.
  3. A satisfying love (vv. 28-30). If both are submitted to the Lord, and to each other, they will be satisfied and will not be tempted to look anywhere else for fulfillment.

Paul has a lot more to say to the husbands than to the wives. Husbands are told to love their wives “even as Christ also loved the Church.” This means that just as Christ gave Himself for the Church, so should the husband in love give himself for his wife. He should not only be concerned about providing for her but he should also be looking for ways to physically, socially and spiritually protect her. A man is to leave his father and mother when he gets married, and to become like one person with his wife” (v. 31). This is a comparison of Christ and His church (v. 32). An equally important part of this teaching is that the wife needs to respect her husband (v. 33).


What am I doing to help each one in my family to fulfill their leadership role in the home? What are some things that I could be doing that I am not doing?

Ephesians 5:25-33 (English Standard Version)

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