Stand Protected During Our Daily Battle

The early American Indians had a unique practice of training young braves. On the night of a young tribal boy’s thirteenth birthday, after learning hunting, scouting, and fishing skills, he was put to one final test. He was placed in a dense forest to spend the entire night alone … More


To “stand” implies urgency and in place (v. 14). The “girdle” holds the other parts of the armor together in the same way that truth is an integrating force of the victorious Christian’s life. The soldier’s “breastplate” protected his chest from the enemy just like a believer’s heart needs protection from the devil’s attacks (v. 14). Our beautiful “feet” carries us to share the Gospel (v. 15).

Satan’s “fiery darts” are full of the flaming arrows of adversity and his quiver is full of them (v. 16). Frequently he fires a round of problems at us (sickness, financial loss, broken relationships), and when our guard is down, he will hit us with fear, doubt or depression. The “shield of faith” is trust in the promises and power of God that protects us from the enemy. The soldiers’ shield was large, usually about four by two feet (about the size of a door) and was covered with leather. It protected the soldiers from spears, arrows and the fiery darts. Since  Satan wants  to capture  us at our weakest area we must use the shield of faith and walk by faith and not try to handle the enemy ourselves.

Notice we are to take the “sword” and the “helmet” (v. 17). The helmet protects our minds when our minds are controlled by God. We need to be “taught by Him as the truth is in Jesus” (Eph. 4:2; John 14:6). The Word of God, which is also the sword of the Spirit is enough for our weapon. A physical sword wounds to hurt and kill, while the sword of the Spirit wounds to heal and give life.


I want to be disciplined so that I am in the Word of God every day? Lord, help me to put on your whole armor. Then I want to be applying it and relying on your protection each day?

Ephesians 6:14-17 (English Standard Version)

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