Esau Marries Ishmael’s Daughter

I heard of a minister who was away on his summer vacation when he learned that one of the young women in his church had just been married. He decided to send her a wire of congratulations, and thought immediately of a beautiful Scripture verse. Therefore, he wired simply this mes … More


The next eight chapters of Genesis is about Jacob. We see God saving Jacob (Chap. 28), subduing him (Chap’s. 29-32), separating him (Chap’s. 33-34), and sanctifying him (Chap. 35). Isaac basically had two words for his son, one social and one spiritual. First he dealt with the matter of a wife (vv. 1-2) and then the matter of worship (vv. 3-4). These decisions effect a man for life and eternity.

Jacob was told not to marry a pagan but he was to walk in the ways of the Lord. The reason for marrying with his own clan was to maintain purity of the blood line and being loyal to one’s family. The quickest way to lose tribal distinction was to intermarry with people of mixed elements. The Canaanitish people incorporated groups and clans into their society by treaties and marriages.

When Esau realized that his parents were grieved at his Hittite marriages (v. 8) and that his parents had sent Jacob to Haran to get a wife it seems that he tried to gain favor with them by marrying a third wife (26:34) who was a daughter of Ishmael (vv. 5-9). He apparently thought, that since Ishmael was related through Abraham, this marriage would be pleasing to them. He did not realize, however, that Ishmael had been separated from the house of Abraham by God Himself. Esau’s intention may have been good, but he did not really improve his position either with his parents or with God.


The choice I made of giving my life to Christ was the biggest choice of my life and the next big choice was the person I married. When I am not right with God in my own life there is no way that I am going to please Him or the ones that I am walking in fellowship with.

Genesis 28:1-9 (English Standard Version)

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