Every Christian can Expect Persecution

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Peter says we should not be surprised by trials that come our way (v. 12). Every  Christian who lives a godly life will experience a certain amount of persecution. The world does not persecute “religious people” but it does persecute “righteous people.” The trial of a believer is like the refining process of metal. It only proves its value and does not destroy it. God’s purpose through this refinement may be to burn off the dross so that the pure gold can remain. Suffering reproach for the cause of Christ should only strengthen the believer and verify his stand on the truth (v. 13).

Peter goes on to say that we should not only expect suffering but we should rejoice in suffering. He names several privileges that we can share through suffering (v. 14):


  • 1. It is an honor and privilege to suffer with Christ and be treated by the world just a little like it treated Him (Philippians 1:29).
  • 2. Our suffering today means sharing His glory in the future (Romans 8:17).
  • 3. As suffering Christians, we do not have to wait for heaven in order to experience His glory but through the Holy Spirit we can have His glory now (v. 14).
  • 4. Every time we are ridiculed for the name of Christ we have the privilege of bringing glory to His name (Acts 5:41).


Have each member of my family share some experiences of where they had the privilege of suffering for the Lord. Have them tell of how they reacted to this situation at the time. In light of this portion of Scripture how should I react differently to suffering? I need to pray and ask the Lord to help  me react to the trials and persecution according to His will.

I Peter 4:12-14 (English Standard Version)

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