The Largest Mass Funerals in World History

When his pager went off during a council meeting in Knoxville, Tenn., police chief Phil Keith was startled to see that the call was from his mother. Concerned, he rushed to the press table and phoned her. “Phil Keith, are you chewing gum!” asked his mom, who had been wa … More


Moses called all of the elders of Israel together and repeated to them the instructions for the Passover that God had explained to him (vv. 25-27). Having witnessed the previous nine terrifying plagues that had come upon the Egyptians the Israelites were quick to do what God had commanded and depart (v. 28).

Just as God  had promised, judgment fell and great sorrow gripped the nation as God destroyed the sons of families in every stratum of society, from royalty to political prisoners (vv. 29-30). That night the king, his officials, and everyone else in Egypt got up and started crying bitterly. In every Egyptian home, someone was dead. It must have created one of the largest mass funerals in the history of the earth.

In response to the tragedy, Pharaoh released the Israelites that they might go without any restrictions. He even demanded that they leave (vv. 31-32). The king told Moses and Aaron , “Get your people out of my country and leave us alone! Go and worship the Lord, as you have asked. Take your sheep, goats, and cattle, and get out, but ask your God to be kind to me.” Also the Egyptian people urged the Israelites to leave quickly for fear they too would all die (v. 33). In fact we see (Ex. 3:21-22) fulfilled as the Egyptians were willing to do anything to hasten their departure, even to giving away valuable jewelry and clothing (vv. 34-36). In this way they carried away the wealth of the Egyptians when they left. The Israelites quickly made some bread dough and put it in pans. They did not mix any yeast in the dough to make it rise. They simply wrapped cloth around the pans and carried them on their shoulders.


How would I rate myself as it pertains to how quick or slow I do what the Lord wants me to do. It says that the Israelites moved quickly. Delayed obedience is really disobedience!

Exodus 12:25-36 (English Standard Version)

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