God Told Moses he Would Rain Bread From Heaven

A heavy wagon was being dragged along a country lane by a team of oxen. The axles groaned and creaked terribly, when the oxen turning around thus addressed the wheels, “Hey there, why do you make so much noise? We bear all the labor, and we-not you-ought to cry out!” Th … More


The wilderness of Sin was the perfect place for God to test and shape the character of His people. One month after their departure from Egypt Israel lacked sufficient food, but instead of trusting the Lord they complained (vv. 1-2). The lack of bread caused  the people to forget their horrible situation in Egypt and to think only on the food they had back there (v. 3). The Israelites didn’t really want to go back to Egypt, They just wanted life to get a little easier in the pressure of the moment.

As the Israelites encountered danger, shortages, and inconvenience they complained bitterly. God heard their complaints. He loved them and He wanted them to learn to trust Him. He told Moses that He would rain bread from heaven for them (vv. 4-5) but in the process He decided to test their obedience by including some detailed instructions. Moses then went to the people and told them that God was going to give them food and there was certain instructions for them to follow (vv. 6-8).

At that point they looked toward the wilderness where the pillar of cloud hung  in the sky (vv. 9-10). As they watched, the cloud began to glow and shine with a wonderful light. It was His way of showing the people that He was going to send them food (vv. 11-13). Each evening there will be meat (Quail) and each morning bread, (manna).

Remember that there were between two and three million people that were there in the wilderness. It took a lot of food for them. He knew that every day they would be hungry and every day they would need to be fed.


How would you have feed them? It is very important that I am happy with what the Lord has provided for me each day and not complain like the children of Israel did?

Exodus 16:1-13 (English Standard Version)

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