Israel Lost Their Fear of God

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In this passage we find Israel acknowledging that they are unable to deal with God directly and needed a mediator which was Moses (vv. 18-21). The people that gathered before the mountain were full of fear and awe (Exodus 19:16). They wanted to hear from God through Moses and not directly for fear that God would destroy them. Fear of Him would help to curb their disobedience. Sad to say, Israel soon lost their fear of Him (Exodus 32), which has been a frequent occurrence throughout her history, and has proven to be tragic for them.

God gives the nation of Israel regulations about their worship and the building of an altar (vv. 22-26). On this altar the people were to offer burnt offerings and fellowship offerings which would result in His name being honored and their lives being blessed. This altar was to be a simple structure of earth or un hewn stone. This was in marked contrast from the “gods of silver” and the “gods of Gold” (v. 23) made by the heathen. This points to the fact that all attempts by the sinner to win the notice and merit the respect of God by his efforts at self-improvement are useless and vain. What God wants is for us to come to Him empty handed and receive His undeserved mercy.


I want to always have a fear and holy awe of God and never think that I know so much about Him that I don’t need Him and can do things in my own strength and in my own way.

Exodus 20:18-26 (English Standard Version)

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