Moral And Ceremonial Principles

One day, some years ago, a policeman walking his beat in Chicago, observed a man standing before a little building, with bared head, acting-as the cop thought-"pretty queer.” “Either sick-or drunk,” he concluded, eyeing the man suspiciously. Then he walk … More


Various laws for the Israelites are outlined in this passage:

I.   Things that merited death:

1.   Fortune telling and controlling others by demonic  power (v. 18).

2.   Sexual intercourse with an animal (v. 19).

3.   Worship of any false god (v. 20).

II.   Things involving care for the needy:

1.   Foreigners were to be treated favorably (v. 21).

2.   The widow or fatherless child was not to be taken advantage of (vv. 22-24).

3.   Loans were to be interest-free (vv. 25-27).

III. Things involving reverence:

1.   The name of God or a leader was not to be cursed (v. 28).

2.   Israel was to remember that the firstborn belonged to God (vv. 29-31).


I want to always show a deep respect for God and His Word regardless of the circumstances.

Exodus 22:18-31 (English Standard Version)

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