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Nearly every verse in this section contains a case proceeded by the word “If.” The principle established in each case is that proper restitution be made whenever someone causes loss of another persons property.

In this ancient sitting there were no banks so personal property was sometimes given to a neighbor for safe keeping. The person receiving another persons valuables for safekeeping was responsible for them. If a persons valuables were lost the person keeping them had to prove before the judges that he did not steal them (vv. 7-8). If the judges found him negligent in any way, the person had to make restitution by paying double (v. 9). When someone borrowed an animal they were responsible for its safekeeping (vv.10-12). If wild animals killed it and you can show the remains you will not have to replace it (v. 13). If the animal was injured or died, the borrower had to pay for the loss. If the animal was rented and injury or loss occurred the owner would have to pay for it (vv. 14-15).

If a man enticed another mans daughter into sexual relations this man was to pay the bride-price and marry her (v. 16). If her father did not want his daughter to marry the fellow, the man was still obligated to pay the bride money (v. 17).


I have tried to teach my children to value other peoples property just like it was their own. This is not only an important principal to be taught in my generation but in the generations to come.

Exodus 22:7-17 (English Standard Version)

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