Offerings For The Santuary

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Instructions for the tabernacle are given in chapters 25-27. The tabernacle was very important to Israel’s national life as seen in chapter 25. It symbolized God’s dwelling among the people and was the place where He met with the leaders and the people (Ex. 29:42-43). It was also the place where God’s glory was manifest (Ex. 40:35). What is meant by a freewill offering is described (vv. 1-9)?

The components of an offering for the Sanctuary:

      1.   The Israelites were to bring a voluntary offering from each person whose heart prompted him to give (vv, 1-2). The offering or contribution mentioned here is not a “heave offering” but one separated for a sacred purpose as a gift to be consecrated to the Lord.

      2.   The fourteen components of materials that went into the tabernacle are listed which includes gold, silver, bronze, yarn, spices, etc. (vv. 3-7).

      3.   God wants them to build a special place (“holy place”) where He can live among His people (v. 8). Everything about Tabernacle was holy.

      4.   The most important word about the sanctuary was that it was to be built according to the pattern God would show Moses (v. 9). The word “Tabernacle” appears here for the first time in the Old Testament. The word “dwell” means that it is the place where God dwells among His people (Lev. 26:9-12; Ez. 37:26-28); and in the New Testament (Rev. 21:2-3).


The kind of offering God desires from me is a willing one given out of a grateful heart. However, even when I give in this joyful way, I can never out-give Him.

Exodus 25:1-9 (English Standard Version)

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