The Ark of The Covenant

Tucked away in an Old Testament story is the statement “And the Lord blessed the house of Obed-edom, and all that he had” (1 Chron. 13:14). If we ask about the basis of that blessing, we find it explained simply the fact that Obededom had opened his home to the ark of t … More


There were seven pieces of furniture found in the Tabernacle and the first two pieces that the Holy Spirit describes are the Ark and the Mercy-seat; the mercy-seat being the cover or lid of the Ark. The ark was called “the Ark of the covenant.” The Lord told Moses to tell the people to build this Ark out of acacia wood (v. 10). It was to be forty-five inches long, twenty-seven inches wide and twenty-seven inches high. It was to be covered inside and out with pure gold (v. 17) and have a pure gold edging around the lid (v. 11). They were to make four gold rings and fasten them to each of the four legs of the chest (v. 12). Then they were to make two poles of acacia wood, cover them with gold and put them through the rings, so the chest could be carried by the poles (vv. 13-14). These poles were to never be removed from the rings (v. 15).

The Ten Commandments that were written on two flat stones were to be put inside the chest (v. 16). Two winged angelic figures (cherubims), made of solid gold, were to be placed on the ends of this lid called the mercy seat (vv. 18-19). These cherubims were to face each other with their wings spread over the chest (v. 20). The Lord said He would meet the people here and tell them what they must do (vv. 21-22). A number of passages speak of God being enthroned between the cherubim (I Sam. 4:4; II Sam 6:2; Psa. 80:1; Psa. 99:1). We know very little about these cherubims and why God chose them to represent such an important and holy purpose. Perhaps it is because they represented angelic, heavenly beings who live in God’s presence and were the best Israel could make as an image closest to Him. This Ark was the center of God’s presence with His people.


This Ark was God’s meeting place with His people but today God meets me as I seek him in His Word and He tells me what He wants me to do though the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Exodus 25:10-22 (English Standard Version)

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