The Clothes For The High Priest

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God was teaching his people how to worship Him. He explained how He needed someone to oversee the operations of the tabernacle and to help the people maintain their relationship with God. These men could only be members of the tribe of Levi. This chapter has to do with the clothes for the High Priest. The Lord told Moses that Aaron and his sons are the ones He has chosen from Israel to serve as His priests (v. 1). Aaron’s clothes must be made only by people who possess special skills given to them by God (vv. 2-4).

The items that need to be made are a (1) breast piece (vv. 15-30), (2) a priestly vest (vv 6-14), (3) a robe (vv. 31-35), (4) a turban (vv 36-38), and (5) a sash (v, 39). Only gold and fine linen, woven with blue, purple, and red wool are to be used in making these clothes (v. 5).

Since Aaron’s sons are priests they were also to make robes, sashes, and special caps for them (v. 40). Then, they were to pour olive oil on their heads and ordain them as His priests (v. 41). They were also to wear linen shorts each time they entered the sacred tent so they wouldn’t expose themselves (vv. 42-43). To disobey meant death and this same rule applied to any of their descendants.


God wants to fill me with His Spirit so I will use my talents and abilities for His glory. I need to think of the talents He has given to me and how I can use them for God’s work in this world. I have a choice to either use them or lose them.

Exodus 28:1-43 (English Standard Version)

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