Instructions For Ordaining Priests

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Just as Moses received the directions for building the tabernacle the directions for consecrating the priests are given in this chapter. The ones chosen to begin the priesthood could not enter into office without Moses conducting a solemn, seven day time of initiation (vv. 1-18). This involved washing, dressing, anointing, sacrificing, daubing and sprinkling with blood, and eating. The daubing of blood on the right ear, hand, and big toe symbolically sanctified the ear to hear the Word of God, the hand to do the work of God, and the foot to walk in the way of God. (vv. 19-20). Some of the blood was mixed with oil and sprinkled on the clothing to show they were also dedicated to the Lord (v. 21).

The next section focuses on the remuneration which Aaron and his sons were to receive as priests (vv. 22-35). The ritual which Moses was too perform consecrated the right thigh and breast of the sacrificial animal for priestly consumption, The thigh was burnt on the altar with some bread (v. 25)  and the breast was given to Moses as his reward for offering the sacrifice (v. 26). After all the priests had been consecrated the breast of the fellowship sacrifice was to be presented to all the priests at the entrance to the tabernacle (vv. 27-35). Moses was next instructed about the consecration of the altar (vv. 36-37).

This chapter concludes with instructions about the daily sacrifices of two lambs (v. 38), one in the morning and one in the evening (v. 39), which had to be made on the altar at the entrance to the sacred tent (vv. 40-43). He ends by saying that Aaron and his sons will become worthy to serve as priests because He is God and the one who rescued them from Egypt (vv. 44-46).


In this chapter I find an overwhelming emphasis on the holiness of God. I should never rush into worship with God and take Him for granted. When I pray or worship I need to come to Him with reverence and an obedient heart.

Exodus 29:1-46 (English Standard Version)

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