The People Gave More Money Than Needed For Their Building Project

After Abraham Lincoln became president, before the days of civil service, office seekers besieged him everywhere trying to get appointments to various jobs throughout the country. Once, confined to bed with typhoid fever, exasperated, Lincoln declared to his secretary, “Brin … More


Bezalel and Oholiab became the foreman for the project of building the tabernacle. They delegated certain jobs to every skilled person to whom the Lord has given ability (v. 2). It is amazing to see the people so willing to participate with both labor and materials.

In fact Benzalel and Oholiab soon found out the people were bringing more than enough to finish the project. The people had to be told not to bring any more items. What preacher or Christian worker would not like to see the people respond like Israel did on this occasion! The inventory of all the materials brought in is listed in 38:21-31.

It seems that the more people are blessed with material things the less they are willing to share what they have in the work of the Lord. When you travel to countries where people have very little they are often ready to give you the shirt right off their back. In fact in Russia we found that you didn’t dare tell someone you liked something they had or they would insist that you take it.


How would I react if found out I had given more to charity this year than I had intended to?

            ____    Give the surplus to missions?

            ____    Propose to raise the pastor’s salary?

            ____    Save for a rainy day?

            ____    Dream up a new ministry project?

            ____    Want to build a new building?

            ____    stop giving

What is my heart condition when it comes to giving of both my time and my possessions?

Exodus 36:1-7 (English Standard Version)

""Bezalel and Oholiab and every craftsman in whom the LORD has put skill and intelligence to know how to do any work in the construction of the sanctuary shall work in accordance with all that the LORD has commanded." And Moses called Bezalel and Oholiab and every craftsman in whose mind the LORD had put skill, everyone whose heart stirred him up to come to do the work. And they received from Moses all the contribution that the people of Israel had brought for doing the work on the sanctuary. They still kept bringing him freewill offerings every morning, so that all the craftsmen who were doing every sort of task on the sanctuary came, each from the task that he was doing, and said to Moses, "The people bring much more than enough for doing the work that the LORD has commanded us to do." So Moses gave command, and word was proclaimed throughout the camp, "Let no man or woman do anything more for the contribution for the sanctuary." So the people were restrained from bringing, for the material they had was sufficient to do all the work, and more.

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