The Plague of Hail

Without an occasional hurricane, the world’s weather might be even worse. Fierce tropical storms play a vital part in maintaining the heat balance between the tropics and polar regions. The tropics and subtropics receive more heat from the sun than they lose by radiation. To prev … More


The next three plagues all distinctly point to heaven as their place of origin. God sent Moses to talk, early in the morning, with Pharaoh, again, before the next plague (v. 13). Because he would not let the Israelites go, God would be sending another plague (v. 14). He says that He could have already sent a terrible plague that would have wiped Pharaoh and his people from the earth but He has kept them alive, just to show them His power and to bring honor to Himself everywhere in the world (vv. 15-16). Since Pharaoh is determined not to let the Lord’s people go God is going to bring on Egypt the seventh plague of hail, the worst storm in its history (vv. 17-18).

God warns the king that he had better give orders for every person to take shelter and bring every animal inside by this time tomorrow and if they don’t they will die (v. 19). Some of the kings officials were frightened by what the Lord had said and hurried to make sure their slaves and animals were safe (v. 20). Others didn’t pay any attention to his warning (v. 21). Moses followed God’s instruction as he stretched out his rod and hail started falling everywhere while thunder roared and lightening flashed (vv. 22-24). Rain was not frequent in Egypt so hail was an unusual occurrence. Never had there been such a storm in Egypt. People, animals and crops were pounded into the ground as bark was also stripped from the trees (v. 25). Now, several of the Egyptian gods were being challenged since they were not able to control the sky, crops, and the storm like they were supposed to. But over in the land of Goshen not one hailstone fell (v. 26).


When the storms of life come my way I want to always find my shelter in the Lord.

Exodus 9:13-26 (English Standard Version)

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