Pharaoh Said One Thing And Did Another

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Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron to come to him through the storm (v. 27). He told them he had sinned and that the Lord is righteous and that he and his people are wicked. He wanted Moses to get rid of the hailstorm and the thunderings (v. 28). He told Moses that your people can go; they don’t have to stay in Egypt any longer. Moses told Pharaoh he would pray but that he knew they did not fear the Lord God (vv. 29-30). Meanwhile, the flax and barley crops had been destroyed by the storm because they were ready to ripen (v. 31). However the wheat crops ripen later and they were not damaged (v. 32).

After Moses left the king’s palace he went outside the city and prayed (v. 33). At once, the Lord caused the thunder to stop and there was no more hail nor rain. When Pharaoh realized the storm was over he hardened his heart once more and would not let the children of Israel go as the Lord had told him through Moses (vv. 34-35). This was exactly what the Lord said would happen. Pharaoh’s predictable cycle of behavior was to say one thing and do another.


Is there anything God has asked me to do and perhaps during a difficult time I told the Lord I would do it? Then, when times were good, I forget about the promise. Today would be a good time for me to make those promises right with the Lord if that is the case. A wise person is one that not only hears the Word but does it.

Exodus 9:27-35 (English Standard Version)

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