Ezra Arrives in The Land

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Between the events of chapter 6 and the return of Ezra in this chapter is a period of fifty-seven years.  Although the people had re-established temple worship under Zerubbabel and Joshua they were obviously living in a backslidden and despondent condition. No further reference is made to Zerubbabel and Joshua and so it is assumed that these great leaders had died in the interval between chapters 6 and 7. Ezra, who was still residing in Babylon, had it laid upon his heart to lead another group back to Jerusalem.

Ezra went from Babylon to Jerusalem, for the good of his country (v. 1). H gives a considerable amount of information about himself that establishes his priestly lineage and gives him authority to deal with the law and worship of Jehovah (vv. 2-6). His lineage is traced all the way back to Aaron, the high priest under Moses (v. 5). His home had been in Babylon and he was a “ready scribe of the law” (v. 6). This implies that he was more than just a scholar who was learned in the law. Ezra came to Jerusalem with the approval of the king and was accompanied by a group of people that included the priests, the Levites, the singers and the porters (vv. 7-8). Even though the heathen king permitted the return of Ezra, it was ultimately the hand of the Lord that made the return possible (v. 9). Ezra spent his entire life studying the Law of the LORD and teaching it to others (v. 10).


I need to be on the lookout for anything that the Word of God teaches and seeking new ways to teach it to others. Many Christians know the Word but never teach it. Notice that Ezra taught from the depth of a pure heart and a consistent life-style. It is not so much that I need to learn new truth but my greatest need is to obey the truth I already know and pass it on to others.

Ezra 7:1-10 (English Standard Version)

Now after this, in the reign of Artaxerxes king of Persia, Ezra the son of Seraiah, son of Azariah, son of Hilkiah, son of Shallum, son of Zadok, son of Ahitub, son of Amariah, son of Azariah, son of Meraioth, son of Zerahiah, son of Uzzi, son of Bukki, son of Abishua, son of Phinehas, son of Eleazar, son of Aaron the chief priest-- this Ezra went up from Babylonia. He was a scribe skilled in the Law of Moses that the LORD, the God of Israel, had given, and the king granted him all that he asked, for the hand of the LORD his God was on him. And there went up also to Jerusalem, in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the king, some of the people of Israel, and some of the priests and Levites, the singers and gatekeepers, and the temple servants. And Ezra came to Jerusalem in the fifth month, which was in the seventh year of the king. For on the first day of the first month he began to go up from Babylonia, and on the first day of the fifth month he came to Jerusalem, for the good hand of his God was on him. For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the LORD, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.

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