Characteristics of the early Church

In 1773, the young pastor of a poor church in Wainsgate, England, was called to a large and influential church in London. John Fawcett was a powerful preacher and writer, and these skills had brought him this opportunity. But as the wagons were being loaded with the Fawcetts&rsqu … More


Peter’s words pierced their hearts and they questioned what they should do (v. 37). Notice how the Holy Spirit took Peter’s message to cause the listeners to be angry about their sin. He told them they must repent, turn to God, be baptized so their sins would be forgiven (v. 38). Repenting means to change our mind, which results in a change of life. This promise is also for us and our children. It is for everyone our Lord God will choose, no matter where they live (v. 39). Peter told them many other things and about three thousand believed his message and were baptized (vv. 40-41). The characteristics of the early Church are listed (vv. 42-47):

1.  It was a learning Church; it persisted in listening to the apostles as they taught (v. 42).

2.  It was a fellowshipping Church; it had the great          quality of togetherness (v. 42)

3. It was a praying Church; these early Christians knew that they could not meet life in their own strength and that they did not need to (v. 42).

4.  It was a reverent Church; in verse 43 the word             translated “fear” has the idea of awe in it.

5.  It was a doing Church where things happened:signs and wonders were there (v. 43).

6.  It was a sharing Church (vv. 44, 45); they had a feeling of responsibility for each other.

7.  It was a worshiping Church (v. 46); they never             forgot to visit God’s house.

8.  It was a happy Church (v. 46); A gloomy Christian is contradiction in terms.

9.  It was a enjoyable Church whose people others could not help liking (v.47).

10  It was an evangelistic Church (v. 48); people were being saved and added daily.



The early church attracted people because of the way the members loved each other, and served each other, and served the Lord. Lord, help me to be that kind of person.

Acts 2:37-47 (English Standard Version)

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