Five Patriarchs Lived Over 900 Years

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Many people find the tracing of their family tree an interesting study. Some find among their ancestors military heroes, famous politicians, judges, lawyers or individuals famous for some historical deed. Others may find that their line includes: robbers, murderers or other wicked  characters. Bible genealogies also include both good and bad.

Dr. Ryrie says that a record must have been kept on the events which occurred, beginning  with Genesis 2:7 and this was the source Moses  used in writing Genesis. It is interesting to note that five of the first seven patriarchs listed lived more than 900 years. This list reads as follows:

* Adam lived 930 years and he died (v. 5).

* Seth lived 912 years and he died (v. 8).

* Enos lived 905 years and he died (v. 11).

* Kenan lived 910 years and he died (v. 14).

* Mahalalel lived 830 years and he died (v. 16).

* Jared lived 962 years and he died (v. 20).

* Enoch lived 365 years and he was translated (vv 21-24).

How are we to understand this extreme longevity? It is impossible to indicate how these patriarchs could have lived so long. Whitcomb and Morris in their book say that the canopy of waters above the atmosphere prior to the flood filtered the solar rays and thus caused the sun to have no adverse effects on the longevity of man. We can’t be sure this is a fact but we know that God’s original plan was for man to live forever but because of his sin his life span was shortened. 


It is not how long I live that really counts but what I do with the life that God gives me.

Genesis 5:1-24 (English Standard Version)

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