Foreign Nations Will Attack

Confession is not saying, “I’m sorry"; it is openly admitting, “I did it.” (Neil Anderson, The Bondage Breaker).


This passage describes what God will do if the people disobey Him (Deut. 28). He will summon the Assyrian army and use it to chasten His people. This powerful aggressor did destroy the northern kingdom and scattered the people throughout its own empire. Isaiah injects a word of hope in the midst of his prophecy of doom. He speaks of raising a banner and whistling at the nations to come to do his bidding (v. 26). The banner is the declaration of war and invading nations are Assyria and Babylon which will eventually destroy Israel. The point of this statement is that the judgment of the nation of Israel is ultimately in the hands of God Himself and not in the nations.

When God’s judgment would come on Judah, the nations of Egypt and Assyria, and later Babylon would respond as if God had raised a banner as a signal for war (vv. 26-30). Those nations would seemingly come from the ends of the earth, a phrase Isaiah used frequently to suggest people everywhere. The soldiers, responding speedily, would be vigorous (v. 27) and well armed. Their chariots would be fast (v. 28). Ferocious like lions (v. 29) they would completely devastate Judah (v. 30). They would cover Judah like a sea and blot out the sun like the clouds, a picture of distress and gloom.

Sin has consequences. God was serious about Israel’s sins. Although judgment did not come to them immediately, eventually they were punished. Approximately one century later they were taken into captivity by Babylon. If they would not report and accept His offer of pardon (Phil. 1:18), then all He could do was send judgment.


As stated above, sin has its consequences. God is longsuffering and it may appear for a long period of time that we are getting away with our sin. However we can be sure that there will be a pay day some day as R.G. Lee preached in his famous message, “Pay Day Some Day.” If I have sin in my life the best thing I can do is follow (l John 1:9) and confess it.

Isaiah 5:26-30 (English Standard Version)

He will raise a signal for nations far away, and whistle for them from the ends of the earth; and behold, quickly, speedily they come! None is weary, none stumbles, none slumbers or sleeps, not a waistband is loose, not a sandal strap broken; their arrows are sharp, all their bows bent, their horses' hoofs seem like flint, and their wheels like the whirlwind. Their roaring is like a lion, like young lions they roar; they growl and seize their prey; they carry it off, and none can rescue. They will growl over it on that day, like the growling of the sea. And if one looks to the land, behold, darkness and distress; and the light is darkened by its clouds.

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