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Evangelist Billy Graham says: “One of the best ways to get rid of discouragement is to remember that Christ is coming again. The most thrilling, glorious truth in all the world is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. When we look around and see pessimism on every side, we shou … More


Matthew 24 is a very exciting passage. There is no biblical subject which can create the same amount of curiosity that this subject can create. It is a great sermon on the Second Coming preached by our Lord Jesus Christ. It is known as the Olivet Discourse. As I stated in yesterdays passage it is a sermon in answer to the questions the disciples ask. It warns the unbeliever of the judgement to come and encourages the believer with the rewards to come.

At the end of Matthew 24:15 we have an interesting parenthesis - “whoso readeth, let him understand."  This shows the importance of reading Matthew’s Gospel in the latter days. It tells of the Middle of the tribulation period which was prophesied by Daniel centuries ago (vv. 15-22) (Dan. 9:24-27, Dan. 12:11). It also tells of the end of the tribulation when the conditions will be so terrible that men will wonder if there is any relief to come (v. 23). This will give false Christ’s opportunities to deceive many. The prophets spoke often about “the day of the Lord” (v. 20). They describe it as a time of horrific destruction, planet-wide judgments and fierce wrath. Jesus said, “unless those days are shortened, no flesh will be saved” (v. 22).

Jesus speaks directly about His return to earth; then He gave applications and instructions in light of His return (vv. 24-31). The main application is directed toward the future generation that will experience the tribulation days and will look forward to the immediate coming of the King of Kings. Another application is for believers to be prepared, watching and faithful.


Jesus could come today. How can I be prepared, watching and faithful? It is good to share with my family, and others who cross my path, the way that we can be prepared.

Matthew 24:15-31 (English Standard Version)

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