Paul Explaines His Authority

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Paul was accused by some Jewish Christians of diluting Christianity to make it more appealing to the Gentiles. In this passage he explains his authority. Paul states that it is from the following sources:

  1. His ministry (vv. 1-2) False teachers around Galatia were saying that Paul was not qualified to teach them:  He stated that he had been made an apostle by Jesus Christ. He had also met the requirement of having witnessed the resurrection (Acts 1:21-22).
  2. His message (vv. 3-4) - The Judaizers wanted to lead the Christian out of the liberty of grace into the bondage of the law. Paul clearly states in verse 4 that the true Gospel includes:
    1. The price - “who gave Himself for our sins”
    2. The purpose - “that He might deliver us”
    3. The plan - “according to the will of God”
  3. His motive (v. 5) - The Judaizers were not busy winning lost people to Christ but instead were stealing other mens’ converts and then bragging about their statistics. Paul stated that his motives were pure because he wanted Jesus to get all the glory. “To whom be glory for ever and ever.”


Think of the many churches today who never or very seldom ever win any souls to Christ but grow mainly through transfers from other churches. I’m glad for all of the soul-winning efforts I have been able to be involved in through the years but need to continue to look for ways I can still be involved.

Galatians 1:1-5 (English Standard Version)

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