Creation (Earth, Light And Sky)

A recent Gallup Poll found that the greatest number of Americans (47% of those expressing an opinion) hold to the strict creationist view, that God created man pretty much in his present form within the last 10, 000 years. Most other Americans believe in some combination of evolu … More


The first chapter of Genesis is one of the most God-centered chapters in the Bible. God is mentioned by name 32 times in 31 verses. When you add the use of personal pronouns He is mentioned 43 times. No wonder Satan hates this chapter. If the Holy Spirit cannot be trusted when He tells us about creation, how can He be trusted when He tells us about salvation? If the Holy Spirit cannot be trusted in Genesis 1, how can He be trusted in John 3:16?

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (v. 1). This sentence introduces the book  of Genesis, the entire Bible and God’s dealings with men. God created the  heaven and the  earth out of nothing and it was in darkness (v. 2). He just spoke and it came to be (See Psalm 33:6-9). The universe did not come into being by chance. Life did not accidentally emerge from a mass of slime or out of a big bang. The early verses of Genesis give us an accurate account of the beginning of things.

There were six days of creation during which God made all things. The first day of creation God spoke and there was light (v. 3). Notice  each verse from 3 on through 8 begins with “And God” then the verse tells what God did. God saw the light was good so He separated it from the darkness (v. 4). He named the light day, and the darkness night (v. 5).

The second day is recorded in verses 6-8 when God made the firmament. This means the atmosphere or the air that surrounds the earth. Between the waters in the clouds and the water in the seas, God placed air in preparation for a home, for man and animals. Then God saw that is was good (v. 31).


In Romans 9:20-21 the potter has power over the clay and God has power over His creation. If I begin with God (like verse 1 says) everything else will belong where it should. I get into trouble when I begin with man instead of God.    

Genesis 1:1-8 (English Standard Version)

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