God Promises to Multiply Abraham’s Seed

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The Holy Spirit has just painted for us one of the greatest pictures of Calvary in the Bible. God has stopped the hand of Abraham from putting a knife into his son and provided a ram to be offered up as a burnt offering instead of Isaac.

It is hard to imagine the thoughts that must have been running through Isaac’s mind as he stood there, released from his bonds as one brought back from the dead. What a similar thought should fill our hearts as we think of the lamb of God who became the sacrifice for our sin. Just think of how He took our place on the cross and suffered, bled and died there for you and me just as the ram died for Isaac (vv 15-16).

Once this event is over, the voice of the Lord rang out loud and clear confirming all the blessings that God had already bestowed on Abraham and his seed (vv. 17,18). From this point on, Abraham’s task was to prepare for receiving future blessings through Isaac. With this confirmation ringing fresh in their ears, Abraham and Isaac found their way back to where the young men waited (v. 19). From there they journeyed back to Beersheba, the place of the well.

This chapter ends with a reference to the children born to Abraham’s brother, Nahor (vv. 20-24). This is not meant to be an anticlimax but is intended to introduce Rebekah into the story. Reports came from the East that the family of Nahor, Abraham’s brother (11:27- 29), was expanding. Among those born was Rebekah, the future wife of Isaac (24:15). She was a daughter of Bethuel, the youngest of Nahor’s eight sons by Milcah.


I need to constantly be thanking God for providing His only Son (the Lamb of God) to go to the cross of Calvary to die for my sins.

Genesis 22:15-24 (English Standard Version)

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