God Warns Noah

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God is holy. He will not tolerate sin. The ungodly may seem to prosper temporarily but their doom is sure (Romans 6:23). However, God is also  merciful and in the midst of human depravity he always provides a way for His own people to be saved. The story of Noah and the flood illustrates both of these aspects of the nature of God.

One word can explain the flood which almost destroyed the human race in Noah’s day. That word is SIN! Man’s wickedness was great. All his thoughts and desires were evil (v. 5). Corruption, vice  and violence abounded (v. 11). The entire culture of that day was evil (v. 12). As God looked at the earth and  grieved over it, He saw only one good man - Noah. It says, that he was a just man and that  he walked with God (v.9). He knew how to stand alone. He would not join the others around him  in their wickedness. This is why “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (v. 8).

There is enough evidence given here to make it perfectly clear that God was just and right in bringing the flood. It has been said that if God had not brought the flood at the time He did, He would have lost the entire human race. As it was, there was only one man left who walked with God, and that man was Noah. The Bible tells us that there is a striking comparison between the days of Noah before the Flood and the days on the earth before the Lord comes again. It seems that we are fast approaching that day.


In the wicked world in which we live am I willing to stand alone on the side of righteousness?

Genesis 6:9-12 (English Standard Version)

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