Jesus Transfers Demons to Pigs

In the first war of Silesia, King Frederick decided on a crucial alteration of war plans. So he ordered that under pain of death, neither fire nor candle should be burning in the tents after a certain hour. He went round the camp himself, to see that his orders were obeyed. As he … More


The event recorded here took place near Gergesa, a town on the eastern slope of the Sea of Galilee.  There Jesus met two demon possessed men. These men under the influence of demons were violent and had been forced out of the city and were  living in a  graveyard (v. 28). These demons knew who Jesus was and reacted with resentment at His intrusion into their realm.

Realizing their doom they requested permission to enter a large herd of pigs which were nearby (vv. 29-32).  Mark stated that this herd numbered about 2,000 (Mark 5:13). Some have said that these pigs were being kept illegally by Jews who were living in this Gentile region. Swine were considered unclean by the Mosaic law. As soon as the demons entered this herd of swine they all rushed down into the Sea and were drowned. The Biblical principle taught in this incident is that those who are deliberately disobedient deprive themselves of divine protection and place themselves at the mercy of the forces of evil. This is a very dangerous way of life. 

Those taking care of the herd were frightened and went into the nearby town to report what had happened (v. 33). The people of the town went out and because they preferred their own business to the presence of the Savior pleaded with Jesus to leave their region (v. 34). Not everyone is happy to see the wonder-working arm of God. Some would rather stick with their comfortable, familiar routines. A life of faith is not necessarily comfortable, but it is exciting.


Do I own anything that hinders my relationship with God?  If so, am I willing to let it go in order to be free to serve the Lord?

Matthew 8:28-34 (English Standard Version)

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