Christ is Greater Than The Angels

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How does someone write to suffering Christians and tell them to stay faithful, despite the fact they are going through severe trials? The author wisely begins not by considering their difficult circumstances, nor by simply telling them, “This is right to do, so do it.” They are reminded that they were losing nothing for which they were not getting something much better (v. 1).

The book opens with a portrait of Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God who possesses the following characteristics:

  1. He is heir of all things (v. 2).
  2. He is creator of the universe (v. 2).
  3. He is the brightness of the glory of God (v. 3).
  4. He is the sustainer of the universe (v. 3).
  5. He is the sinless purger of others’ sins (v. 3)
  6. He is sitting upon the throne of Deity (v. 3).

He establishes the priority of Jesus Christ by saying He is greater than the prophets, He is greater than any revelation in the Old Testament, and He is greater than the angels (vv. 4-7). Most Jews believed that angels were very important. Some actually worshiped them. The elect angels of God are the highest order of all created beings. They take orders from no one but God. Christ is said to be better than the angels. He is God, and there is none better than the angels except God. He proves and confirms the dignity of Christ which far surpasses all angels.


The foundation of my Chistian faith is Jesus Christ. God may use angels to protect me but their importance is very minor compared to who Jesus Christ is and what He does in and through my life.

Hebrews 1:1-7 (English Standard Version)

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