Jesus Authority is Established Over All Creation

Once there was a pastor who was such a golf addict that one Sunday he called in sick and went golfing instead. Two angels were above him on the golf course, discussing the situation. One angel said, “You just wait. I’m gonna punish him good for this.” The other angel ju … More


The balance of this chapter continues with an ever-mounting argument for the superiority of Christ over the angels. The people addressed in this epistle were Hebrew Christians who had the greatest and deepest respect for the angels of God. When we look at this passage we can see some of the basic Jewish beliefs about angels. Many came to think of angels as intermediaries between God and man. They believed that God spoke to man through the angels, and that they carried the prayers of man into the presence of God.

With this in mind, the writer makes a striking contrast between angels and Christ. Of the Son of God it is

  1. He is King in His Kingdom (v. 8).
  2. He is the sinless One (v. 9).
  3. He is the designer of the universe (v. 10).
  4. He is the eternal creator (v. 11).
  5. He is unchangeable (v. 12).
  6. He is the final conqueror (v. 13).
  7. He is the Lord of angels (v. 14).


I am glad that the Lord is in charge of angels, and He has guardian angels to watch after me.

Hebrews 1:8-14 (English Standard Version)

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