How to Deal with Trials

According to a legend, a king once placed a heavy stone in the roadway. Then he hid and waited to see who would remove it. Many who came by loudly blamed the government for not keeping the highways clear, but none assumed the duty of pushing the obstacle out of the way. At last … More


In these verses three things are mentioned as necessary for dealing with the tests of life in a successful way. These are:

  1. Wisdom (v. 5a) - Divine wisdom is not some philosophic speculation and intellectual knowledge but is a quality of life whereby a person knows and practices  righteousness. This is something that we need in order that we can see our trials in a true light and make proper use of them.
  2. Prayer  (v. 5b) - The way to get wisdom that will equip us for the circumstances of life is not acquired by reading, nor from human teachers but only comes through prayer. Furthermore, He gives to all men liberally who ask. It is not restricted to certain nations, to favored classes or particular people but is available to all mankind.
  3. Faith  (v. 6) - Prayer, however is effective only when we ask in faith (Hebrews 11:6). We are not to vacillate between faith and unbelief. That is pleading as it were with boldness, but all the time thinking that it is really useless to ask. James declares that the person lacking faith must not think that he shall receive anything (v. 7). He is like a man with two minds who is undecided in every step he takes.

If you want to stop being tossed about, rely on God to show you what is best for you. Ask the Lord for wisdom and have faith that He will give it to you (vv. 6-8). Then your decisions will be solid.


Of the three above characteristics which am I the strongest in and which am I the weakest in? I need to have a plan to work on my weakest area.

James 1:5-8 (English Standard Version)

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