Our Guaranteed Reservation in Heaven

Four guys decided to go mountain climbing one weekend. In the middle of the climb, one fella slipped over a cliff, dropped about sixty feet and landed with a thud on the ledge below. The other three, hoping to rescue him, yelled, “Joe are you OK?” “I’m alive... … More


At the very beginning of this book Peter expresses thanksgiving for the eternal salvation which God offers to every man (vv. 1-5). This brings new hope which is a result of the believer’s personal relationship with the living Savior. This provides an  inheritance which will not decay, is without any defect or flaw and will never fade away (v.4).

Maybe you have experienced going to a hotel or motel only to find that the reservation you made for a room has  been confused or canceled. This will not happen to us when we arrive in heaven as we who know the Lord have a guaranteed reservation. We are not kept in our own power but by the power of God which can never fail. Peter shares three basic facts about the trials we will go through as Christians (v. 6):

  1. They are varied - “manifold temptations” - They prepare us for spiritual growth or help to  prevent us from sinning.
  2. They are not easy - They produce “heaviness” or pain. We must accept the fact that there will be difficult experiences in life.
  3. They are controlled by God - “for a season.”



Trials test my faith. I have heard the statement - “A faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted"! On a scale of 1 to 10  (10 rejoicing) how would I mark myself on rejoicing in the midst of trials?


I Peter 1:1-8 (English Standard Version)

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