Children in God’s Family

Dr. Howard Hendricks little girl promised her dad that she would grow while he was away on a trip. When he returned and stepped off the airplane she greeted him, “Daddy, come home quick! See how much I growed!” So they went home to the closet door and measured. It could … More



Peter singles out five sins that those he is writing to are guilty of (v. 1). (1) Hatefulness, (2) hypocrisy, (3) envy, (4) jealosy and (5) slander. It is sad  that many Christians do not have any appetite for God’s word and the only way they will eat is when some  other person feeds them (v. 2). Then it is sometimes like force feeding a baby who doesn’t want to eat. Often the reason children do not have any appetite is because they have been eating the wrong things. Peter is warning his readers that the five things he has listed which stem from wrong attitudes are the things that will hinder their appetite and spiritual growth.

Peter is saying that as a baby desires milk, we as believers need to have a desire for the Word of God if we are to grow spiritually (v.2). If you have ever gotten up to feed a baby in the wee hours of the night you know what this means. Only milk satisfies the desire of a hungry infant. The spiritual hunger of a believer can only be satisfied through the “milk of the word.” Sin in the life destroys the appetite for the word. A healthy infant is a hungry infant. A healthy Christian is a hungry Christian.


Which of the following best describes my attitude toward personal time in God’s word?

  • like castor oil-only take it when I have to
  • like shredded wheat-very dry, goes down hard
  • like peaches and ice-cream can’t get enough

I Peter 2:1-3 (English Standard Version)

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