The qualifications for a pastor

In his book Be Free, Warren Wiersbe mentioned the fact that young ministers often visited the great British preacher G. Campbell Morgan to ask him the secret of his success. When someone asked him what he told these aspiring pastors, Morgan replied, “I always say to them the … More


If anyone desires to be a church leader he desires and honorable position (v. 1). Fourteen qualifications are given for pastors (“Bishop”, “pastor“ and “elder” are synonymous).

1. blameless - free of accusation; nothing in his life that unbelievers could use to attack (v. 2).

2. husband of one wife - a “one-woman man” (not divorced) (v. 2).

3. vigilant - well balanced (v. 2).

4. sober - self controlled; sound in mind. of good behavior - orderly; respectable (v. 2).

5. given to hospitality - entertain in the home(v. 2).

6. apt to teach - able to understand and communicate the Scriptures to others (v. 2).

7. not given to wine - not a person who drinks alcohol (v. 3).

8. no striker - not violent but gentle (v. 3).

9. patient - able to take criticism without reacting (v. 3).

10. not a brawler - not one who starts quarrels and arguments but a peacemaker (v. 3).

11. not greedy of filthy lucre; not covetous - does not pursue the ministry for personal gain (v. 3).

12. rules well his own house, having his children in subjection - a good family manager whose children obey and respect him (vv. 4-6).

13. not a novice - not a recent convert but gaining spiritual maturity (v. 6).

14. has a good report (testimony) with them which are without - having a good reputation (v. 7). 


I have never been the pastor of a local church, but most of the qualifications listed above are found in other Scripture passages and apply to all Christians. Out of this list what are the things I need to work on the most?

I Timothy 3:1-7 (English Standard Version)

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