False teachers are a threat to the Church

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False Teachers

False teachers were and still are a threat to the church. The danger that Timothy faced in Ephesus seems to have come from certain people in the church who were following some Greek philosophers who taught that the body was evil and that only the soul mattered. It is not enough that a teacher appears to know what he is talking about. If his words contradict the Bible, his teaching is false.

Paul warns Timothy of those who will deliberately withdraw from the faith they once professed (vv. 1-2). As a result they come under the influence of spirits commanded by Satan himself and no longer have a conscience for the things of God. Men arose who tried to be stricter than God. Two things they teach is forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from meats (vv. 3-4).What God has said and your prayer will make it fit to eat (v. 5).

In opposition to the false teachers, Paul affirmed that everything God created is good (Gen. 1). However, this doesn’t mean that we should abuse what God has made. Paul further points out that God himself instituted marriage and made food to eat so it is foolish to reject them. Furthermore we need to be thankful for these.


Do I take God’s good gifts for granted or do I enjoy what He has provided with true thanksgiving and consecration? I need to watch out for false teaching and use the gifts He has given to me to reach others and to please Him.    

I Timothy 4:1-5 (English Standard Version)

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