Rehoboam Listens to The Bad Advice of The Younger Men

Forget each kindness that you do as soon as you have done it. Forget the praise that falls to you the moment you have won it. Forget the slander that you hear before you can repeat it. Forget each slight, each spite, each sneer, whenever you may meet. Remember every promise made … More


The kingdom which David had consolidated and Solomon brought to a pinnacle of prosperity was soon to be divided into two rival parts, the ten northern and two southern tribes. Though Solomon must have had many sons, none is mentioned except Rehoboam, whom he begat by Namah the Ammoniates (I Kings 14:21). Rehoboam went to Shechem, to be crowned king which was traditional for rulers in Israel.

When Jeroboam, former building superintendent under Solomon, had heard that Solomon had died, he returned from Egypt where he fled from Solomon sometime previou­sly (v. 2, I Kings 11:26-28, 40). By  popular  request Jeroboam headed a delegation which appealed to Rehoboam to lighten their land of labor and taxation. Rehoboam consulted with the old advisers of his father, who counseled him to listen to the Israelites. But, then he turned to his own peers who urged him not to relent but rather to make the people’s yoke heavier.

When Rehoboam confronted Jeroboam and the people, he repeated the policy advocated by his foolish cohorts. However, he had already promised Jeroboam that he would rule over the northern tribes. Under these circumstances Israel rebelled and God allowed the separation of the northern tribes under Jeroboam’s leadership.


Where do you look to for advice? Wrong advice can affect you the rest of your life.  It is so easy to reject good advice when it contradicts one’s personal desires. When you have wanted something real bad have you ever found yourself going to those who you knew would agree with you and not to those who you weren’t sure where they stood?

II Chronicles 10:1-19 (English Standard Version)

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