Abijah Succeeds Rehoboam

This story is about a cave which lived under the ground, as caves have the habit of doing. It had spent its life in darkness. It heard a voice calling to it: “Come up into the light; come and see the sunshine.” The cave retorted: “I don’t know what you mean; there … More


Rehoboam had serious intention of quelling the revolt by force but was stopped by the Word of the Lord through the prophet Shemaiah. He then turns his attention to fortifying the cities, which were in existence before Rehoboam’s time. The purpose of Rehoboam rebuilding the  cities (v.6-10) was not to defend Judah from Israel or to keep in subjection the people of Judah, but to protect his small kingdom from an invasion from Egypt (12:10).

The moment Jeroboam became king of the North he plunged into sin. He changed the symbols of worship, the center of worship, the priesthood, and the scheduled feasts (I Kings 12:25-33). As soon as these changes took place, the priests and Levities began to move to Judah where Jehovah was still worshiped.

The migration was not limited only to the Levites, but included Loyalists of all tribes of Israel who desired to worship the Lord. Israel’s loss was Judah’s gain because the migration of those who loved Jehovah strengthened Judah for Rehoboam. Unfortunately they too apparently apostatized after three years. Through Rehoboam’s second  wife Maacah, Abijah was born, who was his father’s choice to succeed him as king, so he made him  crown prince (v.20). He then dispersed all of his sons throughout the country to maintain a firm grip on his kingdom.


Rehoboam did a lot of things, but most of his work was temporary. What are you doing now that will last forever? Two things are eternal, the word of God and people. Brainstorm with your family as to ways you could better be investing your time and your money.

II Chronicles 11:1-23 (English Standard Version)

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