Solomon Brings a Dedication Message For The Temple

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King Solomon makes a dedication address and prayer where he looks in five different directions:

1. He looked back (vv. 1-11) - He recalled how God chose him to build the temple.

2. He looked up (vv. 12-21) - He asks God to fulfill the covenant promises with David.

3. He looked ahead (vv. 22-31) - He asks God to help His people in various trials of life.

4. He looked around (vv. 32-35) - He called on God to help the Gentiles.

5. He looked within (vv. 36-40 - He plead with God for forgiveness and to bless all present. 

In this passage Solomon looks back (vv. 1-11). It seems that God’s appearance in “thick darkness” (v. 1) reminded Solomon that God had made His presence known to Moses (5:13-14) in a much more modest tabernacle. Now, however, the Lord . . . would dwell in a more permanent and magnificent place (vv. 1-2). Solomon addressed the people in a blessing (vv. 4-11). First he praised God for having fulfilled His promises to . . . David by choosing him and his dynasty, selecting Jerusalem as the divine “residence,” and permitting the erection of a temple (vv. 4-6). Solomon recognizes the presence of the Lord in the audience of all Israel. He gives a brief testimony to the faithfulness of God before offering a prayer of dedication. Solomon shares with the men of Israel that God was faithful in keeping His promise "with His hands” (v.4).


In looking back Solomon remembers the promises of God concerning the building of the temple. When God makes a promise I can be sure He will keep it. If I want to please God in the things I do I need to be sure that I keep my promises to Him and to others.


II Chronicles 6:1-11 (English Standard Version)

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