The Failures of Solomon

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Solomon was the richest and wisest king in the world (vv. 22-24). The promise was fulfilled, that God would give him riches and honor, such as no kings have had or shall have. As a summary, the writer points out Solomon’s military strength (v. 25) and his political power (v. 26). His empire stretched from the Euphrates river to Egypt’s border. Solomon’s wealth increased even more, as visitors came and showered gifts on him. They would bring silver, gold, ropes, spices, horses and mules to show their deep apprecia­tion for Solomon’s wisdom that he shared with them. Much of Solomon’s wealth also came about through his trading expertise (vv. 9:27-28).

Other information on other affairs of Solomon’s reign (v. 29) can be verified in I Kings. Solomon reigned 40 years (971-931 B.C.) and then was succeeded by his son Rehoboam (vv. 30-31). Although Solomon was the wisest man on earth and able to write articles on wisdom he failed to live up to his own exhortations. He could rule a nation but was unable to rule his own heart. His multiplication of wives, his idolatry and disloyalty to God brought a sad ending to his reign. Here is Solomon dying, and leaving all his wealth and power to one who he knew would be a fool (Ec. 2:18-19). It is a lesson to all of us that no matter how much we prosper, we must watch and pray lest we too fall into temptation and sin against God. Wise but foolish!!!!!


Solomon was known for his wealth, his wisdom and his many wives. What will I be known for when life is ended on earth? It will be far greater to be known for what I have done to get the gospel out than in what I have accumulated and left for others to fight over.


II Chronicles 9:22-31 (English Standard Version)

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