Be Reconciled to God

In 1858, Francis Ridley Havegal visited Germany with her father, who was being treated for an eye problem. While in a pastor’s home, she saw a painting of the crucifixion with words under it that said:"I did this for thee. What has thou done for me?” Quickly she too … More


In this passage Paul comes to two conclusions:

  1. The total depravity of man (v.14). If Christ died for all, then all must be dead in trespasses and sin.
  2. God’s purpose for saving us (v. 15). He died that we might live through Him and for Him, and one day with Him.

Paul summarizes the motive of the whole Christian life (vv. 16-21). Christians are brand new people on the inside (v. 17). We are not merely turning over anew leaf, we are beginning a new life under a new master. God brings us back to Himself by blotting out our sins and making us righteous (vv. 18-19). As believers, we are Christ’s ambassadors (v. 20). We exchange our sins for His righteousness (v. 21). Christ died for all and the old self of the Christian died in that death. He arose a new man. In this newness of life we have acquired a new set of standards.


As a Christian, I am Christ’s ambassador in this world. Therefore, if sinners reject me and my message, it is Jesus Christ who is actually rejected. What a great privilege it is to serve Him!

II Corinthians 5:14-21 (English Standard Version)

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