Jacob And Leah’s Daughter Dinah is Raped

Jacob became bitter with his sons In Genesis 34, after Jacob’s daughter Dinah was raped by a Hivite named Shechem and Jacob’s sons took matters into their own hands by killing the people that had done this, in chapter 34, God gave this advice to Jacob because he was bitter wit … More


A very tragic story unfolds in this chapter. Dinah, Jacob’s daughter by Leah, who must have been about 14 years of age, was allowed to have wrong companions and ended up having physical relations with Shechem, the son of Hamor (vv. 1-2). It was not long until Jacob and his family found out about this and her two brothers Simeon and Levi were infuriated and could think of nothing but swift vengeance to clear the family name.

1.Dinah was seen (vv. 1-2a). - Shechem saw her, recognized her, made it a point to get to know her and soon fell madly in love with her.

2.Dinah was seduced (v. 2b). - Shechem swept her off her feet, persuaded her that her father’s standards were old fashioned and that morality was relative and not absolute.

3.Dinah was sought (vv. 3-7). - After defrauding her Shechem moved by his honest passion  sought to marry her. He urged his father Hamor to enter into formal negotiations with Dinah’s family so he could marry her.

While this story operates at a level of family honor and brotherly concern for a wayward sister, it nevertheless also carries along the theme that God often works through and in spite of the limited, and self serving plans of human beings.


An unrestricted home life can lead to all kinds of sin and heartbreak and eventually to a loss of effective life and ministry. The Biblical standards I maintain for my home is very important.

Genesis 34:1-7 (English Standard Version)

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