Jacob’s Flocks Prosper

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After 14 years of serving Laban, Jacob wanted to go back to Canaan (vv. 25-26). Joseph was born and Jacob asked Laban to release him from their agreement so he and his wives and children could return to his own country. However, God had blessed Laban so much through Jacob that Laban wanted him to stay (vv. 27-31). Jacob proposed a plan which looked very good to Laban. He would receive as wages for his work the black and multicolored goats and the speckled and spotted sheep that would be born to Laban’s flock (vv. 32-33).

Jacob was actually willing to start with nothing but it was agreed that any future brown sheep and spotted and speckled goats from the solid colored flock would be his (vv. 34-36). Everybody knew that very few off color sheep and goats would normally be born from solid colored flocks. This would mean that if Jacob was to prosper God would have to bless him.

Jacob used sticks soaking in the drinking water to cause the flocks to multiply faster knowing that the larger the flock the greater was the chance of him getting speckled or spotted lambs and black and multicolored goats (vv. 37-42). As soon as this type of off-spring came he immediately separated them, increasing his chances of getting more of the same kind. This today would be known as selective breading. It was not long before the flocks and herds began to multiply the kind of sheep and goats in great number that Jacob wanted. So we read that Jacob “increased exceedingly and had much cattle and maidservants, and menservants, and camels and asses” (v. 43). It was evident that because God chose to bless him that he soon became a very wealthy man.


God delights in being given an opportunity to do supernatural things in and through my life for His Glory. There should be no limit to what I am willing to trust Him to do in my life?

Genesis 30:25-43 (English Standard Version)

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