God Spoke to Jeremiah Through Ordinary Experiences

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In this passage two signs were given the prophet as sort of an outline of his prophetic ministry: (1) The first was a vision which caused Jeremiah to see the branch of an almond tree (v. 11). This branch represented God who was watching to see that His word is fulfilled (v. 12). (2) The second vision caused Jeremiah to see a boiling pot (v. 13). This represented disaster that was to be poured out on those who lived in Judah (vv. 14-16). In summary, he could anchor his life to God’s sovereign appointment, the fulfillment of His sovereign grace and the assurance of his sovereign protection. Several crucial truths about service to God emerge from Jeremiah’s commission:

  1. Jeremiah’s message was only to consist of what God had commanded.
  2. Of that which God had commanded, all was to be told.
  3. Jeremiah was not to be dismayed by the responses of people, nor was he to be discouraged over the pain of being reduced to confusion before those to whom he was sent (v. 17).
  4. Jeremiah’s confidence was based upon God’s promise to make the prophet invincible (v. 18).
  5. The prophet was promised opposition, but also victory by the hand of God (v. 19).


God’s promise to Jeremiah and me is that He will help me through the most agonizing problems.

Jeremiah 1:11-19 (English Standard Version)

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